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CHING HAIR Co., Ltd. was established, the Company adhering to the "first service to customer demand for the first, the constant pursuit of new technologies and ideas with The same product, upgrade, "because the production of the world tend to have high- quality products of the times.

The company was established in January 1997, is located next to the town's high-speed railway Beidou, Changhua County, the existing plant area of about four hundred pings,Factory existing staff of 16 people, combined with dozens of third-party vendors to supply the required assembly of the furnace Components, so that the Company has received delivery orders can be completed within a short time after.
The company currently produces according to customer needs, providing customers with the best shopping furnace proposals to meet customer demand and performance parts heat treatment capacity requirements, enabling customers to achieve the lowest cost of the highest return on investment. The company was established more than ten years business booming production of various types of quenching, carburizing furnace, pit quenching carburizing furnace, Furnace, furnace black parts, car type annealing furnace, stove and the stove peripheral equipment: heating pipe, degreasing tank, quenching tank, mesh belt, feeder ..... The products in addition to domestic sales of the island, there are exported to various parts of the continent, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Company received customer help customers plan production orders immediately after moving lines, mechanical layout, installation CHING HAIR Co., Ltd on Delivery send someone to the customer's plant, installation commissioning to help smooth production date, enabling customers to achieve full technology transfer, technical problems do not worry about the heat treatment delay production.

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